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Tree Trimming and Why its Necessary

To keep your trees healthy, trim or prune them every year or season as needed. Regular maintenance tree trimming prevents overgrowth and decay. Trimming improves the appearance of the trees. Removing low hanging branches prevents animals from chewing on the branches and eating buds which hampers growth. Low hanging branches can damage your property and injure people. Tree trimming should be part of an annual or seasonal maintenance plan. Removing dead and decaying branches encourages new growth and the health of your trees. When a tree is trimmed, the core structure of the tree is stronger. With annual maintenance, flowering and fruit-bearing trees are more productive and the aesthetic appeal is improved. 

There are several reasons to trim trees such as improving the tree’s value, aesthetic appearance, and preventing decay or disease. Low hanging branches pose a danger to people and property. Neglecting trees causes damage to overhead utility wires. During high wind storms, hanging branches and weak limbs can bring down electric power and phone lines. Dead branches can fall on the roofs of homes and buildings causing expensive damage and repair bills. Dry twigs and dead branches pose a fire risk. Removing or trimming dead branches prevents decay inside the tree and encourages healthy overall growth of the tree. To properly trim your trees, call a professional tree trimming service. By hiring a tree trimming company, the value and health of your trees are protected. Improper trimming damages a tree’s aesthetic appearance and overall health. 

Pruning takes skill to remove particular twigs and branches at the right time of the year. Pruning is performed to maintain proper health, balance, and strength of a plant, bush, or tree. Depending upon the species of the tree, the optimal time to trim is in late winter before the tree stops being dormant. Prune or trim flowering and fruit trees after the production season has finished. Cuts made during pruning or trimming heal before the arrival of the spring season. For flowering trees, avoid pruning or trimming off buds at the wrong time so that the tree flowers during the spring season. For this reason, it is important to learn information about trees so that proper maintenance can be performed. Trimming a tree involves knowledge about removing branches for safety, health, improved growth, and structure reasons. Trimming involves removing more than just twigs and buds in certain parts of the tree. With trimming, larger branches are removed allowing more sunlight and movement of the branches.

Trees vary from one species to another. Learning information about your trees is important to maintain their proper health. Flowering trees and fruit trees are different and should not be maintained the same. Deciduous trees are different from pine trees and their respective health should be maintained using different pruning and trimming methods. Learn about various tree species and how to properly maintain them. To protect the value of your trees, the best maintenance plan should include consulting with an arborist or a professional tree trimming service.

HVAC: Avoid High Utility Bills

HVAC: Avoid High Heating Bills

During the cold winter months, everyone likes to stay toasty warm. But, that warmth costs and adds up to high heating bills. There are ways to cut the cost of a high heating bill.

Lower the thermostat. Turning up the thermostat adds to your bill. Dial down a few degrees during the day and at night when you are sleeping to save money on costly energy bills.

Invest in a few extra blankets or warmer sleepwear can save money on the heating bills. Cleaning and changing your filters once a month can help save on energy costs.

Performing routine monthly maintenance on your furnace or AC system will also save a few dollars on high heating or AC bills. Check the vents and have them cleaned to clear out blockages.

If you feel drafts, seal up cracks and crevices that have air leaks. Update your weather stripping and replace old cracked caulking. Use door sweeps, foam strips, and other products that help to prevent air leaks around doors and windows. In unused rooms, close off the air vents and dial down the thermostat in seldom used rooms. Try using zone heating in your apartment or home. If you have ceiling fans, use them during the winter months, change the rotation to turn clockwise which forces rising heat back down into the room. During the summer months, turn them counter clockwise to cool the room.

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If you have a fireplace, ensure the damper is closed when it’s not in use. Chimneys are drafty. Check for air leaks. Do cleaning and maintenance on the chimney system and fix major cracks in the chimney.

Check electrical outlets for air leaks and check for leaks in ductwork, and exterior cracks should be sealed. Use transparent window and door sealing products to prevent heat loss. For south-facing windows, during the daytime, open curtains and blinds to take advantage of the natural heat from the sun and close them after the sun sets. During the winter, layer clothing to stay warm. After baking in the kitchen, leave the oven door open to warm up the room. Of course, safety first, be careful when young children are present. Another tip to cut heating bills is to use an energy-efficient space heater. Before leaving the room, turn off the space heater. Insulate the attic and update the insulation in your home. Prevent drafts and seal around the opening to the attic. Update seals around pipes and plug up cracks and holes in your basement foundation.

Air leaks can be found all around, inside and outside, of your home. If you have the funds, consider replacing old windows with new ones. If new windows are not an option, work with what you have, and seal up the leaks and add clear plastic window coverings to keep out the cold air. Check the water heater temperature and turn it down a few degrees to 120 to 122 degrees. This temperature can effectively kill germs and save a few dollars on your bill. Seal cracks around pipes and faucets.

Pest Control: A Necessary Nuisance

Any homeowner, at some point, will require an exterminator to handle a situation with unwanted pests. Pest Control is a necessary evil when it comes to home ownership. Nature is wonderful, but all of it’s creatures need to stay outside of your home. And depending on what part of the word you live in, the type of pests and insects can differ greatly. Also, pest control is not something you want to put off. An infestation will likely occur if a pest situation is not remedied immediately. And the longer you wait, the worse the problem will become. These issues do not go away on their own.

So what should you look for in your home when it comes to pest control. Basically, anything that seems like it should be outside should be enough to prompt a call to an exterminator. Rat droppings, spider webs, dead insects can all be signs that a pest control situation is developing inside of your home or business. Often times, a pest control situation can be controlled with simple means such as rat traps or ant traps. If you are feeling brave, you can go to the hardware store and buy these traps yourself. However, an experienced exterminator will know exactly where to place these traps inside of your home to most efficiently remedy the pest situation.

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There are other simple ways to prevent insects and other rodents from taking up residence in your home. It is important to keep all counter tops clean and free of food particles and other things that may attract insects. Keeping your floors clean can also prevent rodents and insects from entering your home. Moisture is another trigger for insect infestations. Ants particularly are attracted to moisture and will show up by the hundreds if they find a water source during the summer months. There are ant traps you can purchase at any hardware store, but once again, calling an experienced exterminator is the best way to go as the traps will be placed in appropriate areas.

Larger rodents, such as mice and birds can cause a whole other array of problems. Mice love to enter your home in the colder months and may live there for some time before you discover them. Mice can hide behind walls and in the ceiling where they can wreak havoc on wiring and other functional parts of your home that are not in plain site. Small birds are notorious for entering your home through small cracks between the roof and brick walls. They can also get trapped inside your home, die, and then cause horrible odors that will drive you mad, because dead birds are extremely hard to locate. Make sure you keep all holes and gaps in your roof protected from rodents and birds that may enter.

In summary, your best bet is to contact a qualified exterminator to deal with any and all pest control situations. Time is also of the essence when dealing with unwanted pests in your home. The problem will only get worse and there is no telling what damage these pests may cause. Good luck.

Vinyl Fences: A Great Choice

Narrowing down the options to select one type of fence material can be a challenge. A great benefit of vinyl fencing is minimal maintenance. Using soap and water and spraying the fence with a garden hose is the quickest way to clean dirt and grime off of a vinyl fence. Vinyl fence material is flexible, sturdy, durable, and said to be stronger than wood and it doesn’t warp. There is no wood rot and it holds up to harsh weather. It is an affordable fence material. It is easy to install and maintain. Vinyl fence material is affordable, versatile, and available in several popular styles and colors. 

There are more colors than you might imagine, such as white, tan, black, brown, gray, taupe, putty, and even colors that look like stained wood such as walnut, oak, cherry, and more. Depending upon the chosen design and style of vinyl fence, due to the interlocking pieces, the slats and parts quickly fit together.

A vinyl fence is a great alternative to other classic fence materials such as wood and ornamental metal fences. Most fence companies have a wide variety to choose from. Vinyl fence material is available in a variety of different styles, from privacy-type, picket fences, to ornamental and post-and-rail style fences. You can purchase panels that come in various styles and colors. Of course, you can purchase the gates and hardware that go with the fence material. Vinyl fences don’t need frequent maintenance; however, they are paintable. Even with inclement weather conditions, vinyl fences hold their color and don’t fade like wood. Another great benefit is that they are mold resistant and termites are not a problem. Go green with vinyl which is an environmentally friendly recyclable material. It’s possible to buy fence material that was made from previously used vinyl materials. Ask your fence company if they use recycled materials.

Most vinyl fence manufacturers provide a lifetime or a limited warranty on their fence products. Strength and durability are two of the best features of vinyl fences. They don’t suffer the problems of wood or metal fences such as rust and wood rot. Rodents and bugs don’t affect vinyl fences. They won’t look grayed out and dull looking like wood. They don’t rust like metal fences. You can purchase short or tall panels of vinyl fence material. They look attractive and secure and are suitable for most fence applications. Check in-store and online for examples of vinyl fence material and do some research before making your decision to purchase a vinyl fence system. The return on investment far outweighs the cost of installing a vinyl fence system.

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Before you purchase fence material, explore the many available options. A lifetime-limited warranty that accompanies most vinyl fence products is an appealing benefit. The above-mentioned are just a few of the benefits of vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are long lasting, strong, and easy to maintain. In addition, vinyl fences are available in many styles, colors, and dimensions. If you need a fence for your garden, to enclose the backyard pool, or to protect your property, vinyl fence material is an affordable and attractive option.

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